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Practitioner and Trainer

of the Feldenkrais Method

The Ramat-Aviv Feldenkrais Center

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Situated in a beautiful residential neighborhood in the northern part of Tel-Aviv, adjacent to the campus of The Tel-Aviv University, The Ramat-Aviv Feldenkrais Center offers private and community services. The center reaches out to the community offering 8 Awareness through Movement classes a week, for all ages, at an affordable price. The center also offers private Functional Integration lessons, tailored to individual needs, from newborns to the elderly. The center provides advanced workshops for Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners.

Awareness through

Movement classes

Functional Integration lessons

Advanced Trainings

Awareness through Movement lessons are verbally guided movement processes intended to increase one's kinesthetic sensitivity and awareness. The lessons evolve around the exploration of a "theme" or a movement "function", revealing their many components and variations. The exploration is done effortlessly and with ease, providing a positive and gratifying learning process.

Functional Integration lessons are designed to meet an individual's needs, attuned to each individual's unique capabilities to learn and improve. Through movements that are guided both verbally and by touch, the acuity of the nervous system is enhanced. A finer kinesthetic perception of one's own habits leads to greater ease, efficiency, awareness, and control. Easier posture, increased mobility, clearer stability and lightness of movement and thought are among the qualities improved by these lessons.

Since 2012 the center offers advanced education for Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners through one-on-one professional guidance, mentoring and support, and advanced workshops and seminars on various topics. The center offers on-line workshops based on Dr. Feldenkrais' original Amherst Functional Integration lessons. The center works in collaboration with the Israeli Feldenkrais Guild, presenting workshops at conferences organized by the guild.

רז עורי

"I am part of an on-line mentoring group with Raz. On top of knowing his stuff - he is kind, gentle, and very insightful.

This has been the most effective learning experience I have had since graduating from my training in 2005."

Astra Coyle, GCFP


 About me

In 2001 I graduated a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program led by Jeremy Krauss, at The Israeli Feldenkrais Institute.

I studied for two more years with Yochanan Rywerant, one of Dr. Feldenkrais' most renowned proteges.

I worked at Clalit Integrative Medicine clinics, part of Israel's largest HMO, for 15 years, giving individual Functional Integration lessons.

I am the Co-Educational Director of the Ann-Arbor Feldenkrais Professional Training Program 2023-2026. Since 2008 I have served on the educational staff at Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in Tel-Aviv, New-York, South Korea, Germany, Palermo-Sicily and London.

Raz Ori presenting

the Feldenkrais method

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